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Our Facial Sugar Scrub is an essential product to have in every beauty bag! No woman can have too many choices when it comes to her skincare routine. That’s why we’re introducing this sugar scrub infused with 6 all-natural essential oils for a joyful fragrance, which nourishes your skin. Experience the difference. Made and Manufactured in the United States.
Peppermint Tingle Essential Oils Facial Sugar Scrub
Mystique Jasmine Essential Oils Facial Sugar Scrub
Melaleuca Essential Oils Facial Sugar Scrub
Subtle Rose Essential Oils Facial Scrub
Lavender Splash Essential Oils Facial Sugar Scrub
Nourishing Nutmeg Essential Oils Facial Sugar Scrub


Athen Cotton Spa Robe
Bamboo Kimono Spa Robe

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Essential Oils Sugar Scrubs For the Fair and Scalp

The rich intoxication aromas of our new essential oils sugar scrubs will soon be your favorite. We design them with your needs in mind. The essential oils have calming and soothing properties, yet they are efficient for moisturizing and nourishing Scalp and Hair

Best Body Sugar Scrubs

Who does not love getting compliments about their natural skin? Try our essential oils body sugar scrubs because the sugar will exfoliate as the oils penetrate the sink without clogging the pores. See smoother, lustful, radiant skin quickly.

Moisturizing Whipped Body Butters

Body butter is a skin moisturiser that is effective at nourishing and rejuvenating dry skin, whether used all over or only on problem patches, such as elbows and knees. 

Luxury Spa Robes

Pamper yourself in softness and luxury with this beautiful robe collection. After using our essential oils sugar scrubs, continue the spa experience in a luxurious cozy spa robe. Enjoy the comfort and cozy feeling of the robes.  

Exfoliating Feet Brown Sugar Scrub

Dry chalky and rough feet: Lemon Spa Feet Fresh Essential Oils Brown Sugar Scrub will exfoliate and smoothen the skin as the essential oils moisturize and penetrate the skin for added benefits. 

Sophisticated Suds Beauty Bar

This bar will nurture your skin while your soul simultaneously soothes and comforts. The gentle lather will pour over your skin like a waterfall that will leave you feeling pampered, protected and ready to take on the day. You've never been this refreshed.  

Travel Sugar Scrub

Just the right size when traveling or if your wish to try a new scent.  

For Him

Find the right skin care products or luxury robes to put a smile on your face.


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